Ionic 4 - DevApp not fully functioning?


Hi there

I’m currently a developer on a new large scale Ionic development project, and the solution is based on Ionic 4.
We are however experiencing issues with the use of the DevApp in conjunction with Ionic 4.

Here are our findings / issues:

  • Android: Cordova is not available, giving us problems with using Advanced HTTP plugin / CORS etc…
  • iOS: Cordova is available
  • General: No console output is being captured
  • General: Not possible to remote debug webview through Chrome or Safari

These issues are really making it hard to be productive as we are faced with a long and tedious debug turnaround time :sob:

Can you shed some light on when these bugs will be fixed?

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I am having the same problem, I found some thing and

So far this did not work for me.

Which do you have more info about this?