Ionic 4 + Capacitor tutorials list #1

We know it’s a little early to talk about tutorials related to @ionicframework Ionic 4, but even in the alpha version there are already many publications and videos related.


When can we get production-ready Capacitor, Stencil, Ionic 4? Maybe in the next two months?
I’m working on a project which I want to migrate to the new stack.
I’ll never be satisfied with cordova splash screen’s loading time, blank screen issues.

Stencil looks pretty close. They’ve been putting a lot of work into it. Sometimes a new version per day. Capacitor seems much slower, and parts of Ionic 4 are already ready, depends what you want to do with that.


I will check Stencil and see if I can start learn it. It looks like it has a lot of ideas taken from React (render, props, JSX). Its component lifecycle is in fact React lifecycle:

The main issue is long loading time of cordova splash screen and its strange behavior like randomly throwing white blank screen on some old devices. Overall speed enhancement is very much needed to compete with other frameworks like React Native. I hope we can see that in two months. NativeScript is a good option but it’s still laggy and it ships with fewer plugins and styling options than Ionic, React Native. This pushed me to study React and React Native whenever possible.


I wrote simple tutorial about Network Detection with Capacitor in Ionic project

Could you add it to the list, please?

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Sure, now is up to date with including your post :slightly_smiling_face: heading: Ionic 4 + Capacitor Posts

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Hi! Could you add please my new tutorial to this list ?

Will be grateful. Thanks!

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Added with success!! :smiley:

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Angular and Capacitor works nicely too. Only need to copy dist/appname to www directory for the syncing to work

As to be expected I guess

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You can change the directory in the Capacitor config.
You can find example in this article

Hi! Could you add please these new tutorials to the list?

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Updated with success! many thanks for you collaboration :smiley:


Sample project that shows how to build a Movies Catalog APP with Angular, Ionic 4, Capacitor and NGXS (State Management) -->

How to implement a Master Detail Pattern in Ionic 4 with Angular Routing -->

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J’AIMERAIS avoir un tutoriel pour installer ionique avec tous les éléments sur mon pc.

Les questions en anglais ont plus de chance d’obtenir une réponse.

Pour Ionic 3, voir

Pour ionique 4 avec angular voir

Salutations, anna-liebt.