Ionic 4 apk and ipa decompilation


I have developed a system with angular front-end, node back-end and mongoDB database (with media server etc but it’s not related to the question). I need to convert angular client in ionic client. These mobile versions (for android and for IOS) should be modular and easy to integrate in another android and IOS native applications. Is it possible to decompile the Ionic generated apk and ipa to compile again in another native application (that we will have the source code obviously).

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Sorry, but I’m having a hard time following this. You want to “decompile” something for which you already have the source code?

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I have a system with an angular client. So, I need to convert the project client structure into an ionic one and generate apk and ipa. I don’t have the android java source code, but I need to get it to include it as module in another android app (I have the source code for this another application).

I don’t know how internally ionic generate apk based in angular code. Is it supposed that I have access to the java code that it generates?? If so, my question is already answered. Was I clearer now?


I think so, but I’m afraid you’re not going to like this answer very much.

Ionic doesn’t really transpile to Java, so I don’t think the structure you’re contemplating is going to work as you envision. All it does is to bundle a browser app up with the JavaScript that comprises your Angular app.


Ok, so this answers my question.