Ionic 3 web development

Hi All, I am using ionic since version 1 and built some apps with it for enterprises.
Now me and my team are building a website with pwa and apps, so I choose ionic again…but my team is substantially facing issues for css and other built in components of ionic as thry are mobile specific not very flexible or equipped for webpages on a larger scale.

Now I am in a dilemma.
, but dont want to give
up on ionc.@Mharington please guide me as We are making this for a globally acclaimed company and cannot compromise on look and feel.


I am not seeing a question here. I see a vague complaint and an appeal that we should care about your “globally acclaimed company”. This is a community forum, in which vague threats to desert the platform don’t have a whole lot of value.

I am sorry…if I have conveyed my concern incorrectly…ionic is a great platform and I have used it for couple of Enterprise products earlier successfully and really fond of it.But this is the first time I have attempted to build a website using it.

To be very specific, I have used split pane, segments and using ion grid etc to shape our website, but when it comes to dropdown, popups and some other widget, they still look like mobile components, so we are customizing them.Apart from that Though I have taken care of Lazy loading, of modules, still there is certain lag while loading the website for the first time.Please suggest few essentials ,which I may have missed that can cause substantial improvement in loading time.All images are svgs in the project.

You might want to give Ionic 4 a look, as it is rearchitected to use web components that might be more amenable to your styling efforts.

Thanks…when can we expect a stable version of ionic4.

Hi Rapropos,
We are planning to upgrade our website to ionic 4, but since release is planned on February, our concern is when can we expect ionic 4 to come out of Beta.

Please Help.

I have no inside information. I don’t work for Ionic. I’m an ordinary user, just like you. I have heard speculation about final releases estimated for January, but it’s at least third-hand. You can look over the breaking changes sections of entries in the changelog to get an idea of how close things have been to your definition of “stable”.

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Thanks a lot ! I’ll check.