Ionic 3 to 5 migration to angular 6

Hi, I have a Ionic 3 angular 5 app and would like to migrate to ionic 5 with angular 6 if possible. The recommendations seems to be to create a new ionic project with the latest ionic CLI. When I generate a new ionic project I get a blank ionic 5 angular 10 project. I would like to minimise my changes if possible. There are alot of ionic 3 to ionic 5 changes needed so to add multiple angular major version changes on top is difficult to manage. Is it possible to set the angular target version on the CLI or what are peoples option on this ?

You might want to wait for an official word on this, but my understanding is that the minimum Angular version you can use with modern Ionic is 7.1.

Thanks, Is it possible to generate a target of angular 7.1 through the CLI when generating a new project.

I don’t know, but manually editing package.json isn’t too onerous.