Create specific version of @ionic/angular using CLI

Hi guys, I am new here. I have installed ionic@4.4.0, is it possible to create an ionic app thru CLI, that will generate template using @ionic/angular@4.0.0? or I need to manually update modify the package.json?

Just do ionic start at the cli and all is set

No meddling in package.json directly needed. Almost never


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This time when I do ionic start myApp blank the @ionic/angular version in the template is automatically set to version 4.7.1.

Should I uninstall the ionic@4.4.0 and install ionic@4.0.0 to achieve a blank template with @ionic/angular@4.0.0?

Can you explain why you want to pin to such a specific framework version, especially when it means deliberately forgoing so many bug fixes and performance improvements?