Ionic 3.9.2 & Cordova 7.0.0 - How to know Limitations/ Compatibilities with Android & iOS versions?

Hi all! I´m developing one hybrid app with ionic 3.9.2 and Cordova 7.0.0.
I´m testing it in Android and iOS. In both systems I have the same problem…“Some times It´s possible to install and some times not” and I dont find the rule that allows me to do.

Do you know if it exist a list or documentation that provide the following answers:

  1. With the versions I used for developping, where I will be able to install the app.
  2. (In the other direction)…If I want to be able to install the app in a range of system´s versions…what versions of Ionic and Cordova should I use?

Thanks in advance!!

Android: 4.4+
iOS: 10+

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