Ionic 3.5.0 was released!

Ionic Framework (ionic-angular) was just released on Github and NPM:

Bugfixes and some bigger changes on natigation:

There were major improvements made to navigation in this release of ionic-angular. As a result, if you’re using deep linking, the urls of the application will be different. These URLs will likely change again in the near future with the next round of navigation improvements. We don’t recommend using href attributes in the application, rather use the navPush and navPop directives instead.

Quote from

Anyone already made the jump?

PS: app-scripts already got a 1.3.9 release a bit earlier:


How to update from 3.3.5 to 3.5.0?

Do someone understand the release notes?


As a result, if you’re using deep linking, the urls of the application will be different…

What? Should I update the deep linking plugin too? But there is no new version of the plugin. And if there are different, how? how do I migrate/convert them? I don’t get it…

I think that means that the default deep link URIs in the browser are different. Native stuff is probably unchanged?

Thx for your answer. Do you mean the URIs used for the navigation, like the one I could see in my URL bar of my browser when I debug with ionic server for example?

If so, using “deep linking” for two different things is quite ambiguous :frowning: I guess “learning by trying” will give a definitive thought … will give a try in the next days

That is how I understood it, yes.[quote=“reedrichards, post:5, topic:96186”]
If so, using “deep linking” for two different things is quite ambiguous :frowning:

Well, this is the problem when native and web clash - the same “name” is used for different things here…

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Thx for the feedback, I did understand now :slight_smile:

ionic-app-scripts 1.3.12 was just released (3 bug fixes in a row, better step to that version then 1.3.9)

I upgraded to app-script 1.3.12 and ionic-angular 3.5.0

Delete node_modules, did npm install

  1. First bug while installing, “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘version’ of null”, solved like following

  2. Now I face following problem by doing “ionic cordova build iOS --prod”, anyone got an idea?

9 posts were split to a new topic: Npm ERR! enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory

To solve my 2nd issue I finally had to do the following:

 rm package-lock.json 
 rm -r node_modules
 npm install

a couple of times till it worked :wink:

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Mmmmh is it “normal” that now the webpack step, when I run “ionic cordova build ios --prod” took now 135.33 seconds? I mean it could, but just wanted to ask if someone has the same result…

we need the deep links as we are allowing users to share links (like mydomain/#/image/12345). Obviously changing the url will make their shares obsoletes.

Is there any way to get rid of the prefix added by 3.5 (nav/n4) ? cannot any info in


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Hi Tallprince,
I recently upgraded using npm install -g ionic@latest - install latest ionic.
I will also be using .
npm install -g ionic@3.4.0 - downgrade to previous version
as the “page”.module.ts files which were generated when generating a new page in ionic 3.4.0 have disappeared in 3.5.0 just as i was getting my head round them.
Hope this helps

Hi secdevco,

I decided to use old version.
Thanks for your response anyway.

I’m sticking to the old version till they reinstate the .module.ts files once again.
Sorry but that’s a red line for me.

Don’t blame you it’s often best to stick with what you know. Have fun with
it and move on when you want.

what is the minimum android version and ios version that supported?

That is mainly defined by the Cordova version you use.

Ionic itself works on Android 4.4+ (or 4.1+ with Crosswalk).

@mhartington has previously said >=4.4.