Ionic 2 upgrade Ionic 3 with lazyload url with urlencoded strings

Here is my problem, I have recently upgraded to Ionic 3 from Ionic 2, I have also added lazyload, however a very strange url appears. the segment section appears a strange urlencoded string before the page name. Anyone also have this issue and know the cause to this problem?


It would have been considerably easier to answer this if you had posted the actual text instead of a relatively worthless screenshot, but that appears to be 首页 or Chinese for “home”.

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Sorry, next time I would post the code instead, thanks!
BTW do you know why it default use a chinese as the segment name? none of my folders or class names uses chinese.

This is not default but comes from your code somewhere.

I fount out that this comes from the tabTitle attribute. Is there a way to use custom route formats?