Ionic 2 tutorial for web app


I am looking for a tutorial on how to get started from scratch on creating an ionic 2 web based application using webpack preferably using node.js as a back-end. All the stuff I am seeing is using starter templates, but I kind of want to see what I am programming from start to finish and I do not want to use cordova which most of the tutorials use.


Ionic is built on top of cordova, so an Ionic app that doesn’t use cordova is sort of like a car with no wheels, and will probably drive in similar manner.


On ionic 1 using Cordova meant you were building a mobile app and not a web app is that no longer the case? Is there a way to build a strictly web based app in ionic 2?


I’m not sure I agree with your characterization of Ionic 1. Ionic has always been about cross-platform mobile apps, and has always been built atop Cordova.


So I’ll rephrase the question is there a tutorial on how to build a strictly web based app from scratch (without using a premade template). Preferably using node as a back end. It seems like most of the tutorials use ionic serve which I don’t think I want I just want webpack to transpile for me and use it similarly to the way I would in ionic 1.


Just my own opinion, but I would not (and in fact do not) use Ionic for that. I use angular-cli and material2.


Ya I’m thinking ionic may not be the way to go as well but I wanted the option to convert to a native app later, which is why I was leaning towards ionic




You’ll have to make your own call about this, but I feel Ionic’s UX in a browser isn’t as good as angular/material2. It’s serviceable for development, but as of now I wouldn’t feel comfortable deploying it. That may change, or you may very well feel differently, and I absolutely would not criticize that decision.