Ionic 2 tabs not showing in child page in Android

Hello Ionites! I am new to Ionic 2 and facing an issue. I am using the same structure of ionic-conference-app In IOS, ion-tabs will remain in footer for all the pages but in Android, when I navigate to new page, ion-tabs don’t show up. For eg. when you click on list item of some speaker, in IOS, we can see the ion-tabs but it’s hidden in Android. How can I show ion-tabs in android also?

Same issue here, fixed that by moving the Tabs to the bottom, because on android it’s on Top by default.
Add tabbarPlacement=“bottom” to the ion-tabs tag

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There is an app setting for tabSubPages you can add to the ionicBootsrap function in app.ts

@mbrookson do you have an example how to configure that? I can not find any hint in the linked docs

What version of the framework are you using? This has been changed in the latest version (v2 Beta-11) to tabsHideOnSubPages which you can find in that linked doc