Ionic 2 Now Supports Desktop. Does that mean one code, all device?

I have seen this yesterday from my email

Ionic is now Desktop Ready Build apps for phones up to large desktop displays with Grid and Split Panel Over the last few weeks we’ve been hard at work adding support for one of Ionic’s most highly requested features: Desktop and Tablet support.

With the new responsive Grid system and Split Panel in Ionic Framework 2.2.0, Ionic developers can now build UIs that scale up from smartphones through tablets and desktop displays. All with one code base!

Our goal with Ionic is to enable web developers to build apps on all the platforms they care about. While mobile is still our bread and butter, since Ionic is based on web technologies it works just as well in a mobile app as it does on the web or as a desktop application.

Give the new Grid and Split Panel a try today, and let us know what you think!

Does this mean that I can create an ionic app for IOS, Android, Windows as well as hosting the ‘app’ to my website and to to view exactly what I would see in the mobile apps (All with one code base!)? Or is this idea too good to be true.

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Ya man, that’s the whole idea. It’s the whole reason we’ve adopted Ionic 2 for all of our projects. :slight_smile:

And with the new Ionic Native working better in-browser, it’s becoming more and more a possibility.

Plus PWA configured right out of the box.

Thanks for the reply man. Since it is new I can not find much information on it. Does that mean for my current ionic project for mobile apps (IOS + Android + Windows), I can go to the CLI and type in something (for example ionic deploy pwa and I have got myself a pwa version of the app?. I am sure that is not the process but what is would you know?

Did you try just to put your www/ folder directly in your website’s root directory?