Can Ionic develop both mobile and web with one codebase?

Sorry if this sounds silly but can I ask whether ionic can develop both mobile and web with one codebase? I mean I started reading ionic official tutorials and created a new project using the tab template. Then start the project locally in a browser, it seems the UI layout in the browser is still in the mobile format, looking odd on the web. So this got me asking whether ionic is only for developing cross platform mobile apps with one codebase; the same codebase can’t really be deployed as a standard web app (not PWA)?

Here are some tips that might help you a bit

Actually that’s not the link I meant - there is another one, a good blog post on designing for desktop but I can’t find it right now!

hope you can find it later:)
so it can be done using one codebase?
I found something on stack overflow regarding this, haven’t verified it though,

Yes it can be done with one codebase - we do exactly that, but we don’t do much desktop styling

Without any desktop styling, doesn’t the web app on desktop look a bit strange since it would have a mobile-style layout and outlook?

Yes although to a certain extent for our app that’s not such a bad thing as we wanted a very consistent feel for users who switch between the app and the web. But we have not done much work in styling for the desktop and there is no doubt a lot more that you can do. And I think the Ionic team are working on this with releases of the framework going forward.

Thanks for the reply.
Just to confirm that, you meant the ionic team is working on something like making the layout and styling configurable for desktop web.

I think they have said that desktop styling and options is one of the things they are wanting to improve

Here are a few more tips