Ionic 2 ion-native plugins not supported in Windows Phone

Hi Guys,
Some ion-native plugins are not supported in windows phone platform. How i can use that plugin or any other plugin is there for supporting windows phone.

Unfortunately, WP is not a widely used operating system, so many plugins do not support it. You can only use plugins that do support WP.

Ionic Native is simply a wrapper for the plugins, so it will work on all the same operating systems as the plugins themselves. So if a plugin is iOS only, the Ionic Native wrapper will only work on iOS.

So, getting back to your question, it’s not Ionic, it’s plugin developers who do not write plugins for Windows either because the API does not exist, they do not have access to a testing device, or they just don’t want to because the Windows market share is minuscule compared to iOS or Android.

Hope that answers your question.

Thanks. But any other solution is there?.

You may have to create your own plugins if it is of high priority, but you shouldn’t even support WP unless you really really need to.

Also, this tweet may help: