Ionic 2: Ion-list performance issue


I am building a contact app in ionic 2. Contacts are displayed through ion-list.I am using sqlite as db whenever I do operations like delete,insert, at least update it is at least 30 sec to load all the ion-item again.Is there any alternatives for this or how I can increase the performance.Sqlite is fast but the items are loading slow.

Using virtual list is impossible for me since the list is of following structure.(But i did try virtual list removing the ion-item-group but still same issue).

ion -list
ion-item-group ->(Here i am grouping the contact based on alphabet)
A,B,C etc…


How many items are you trying to load in that list at once? If virtualscroll isn’t an option and you’re sure its due to slow rendering of many items, you should load less items at a time and possibly work with a infinite scroller to spread the weight of loading that many list items at once.


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