VirtualScroll - performance (Ionic 2 list handling in general)

I am in desperate need of some advice.

I have a requirement which I would have done so easily in native iOS (and awesome performance out of the box) but it seems that Ionic 2 just doesn’t cut it when it comes to this type of list handling/display.

My scenario:

  • Segmented Control with 4 segments
  • tapping on a segment must display a different list (so 4 lists in total that you can swap through - 1 per segment tap)
  • each list starts off by 10 items
  • pull-down-refresh must work for each
  • infinite scroll as well

Are there ANY Ionic 2 components that can help with this requirement set? I have played around with VirtualScroll and with hiding/showing and even *ngIf the list elements. Obviously to no avail.

It seems that:

  • You can’t have multiple <ion-list [virtualScroll]=… occurences in the DOM with the hiding/showing approach
  • can solve this with *ngIf because then only the one you are interested in ends up in the DOM, BUT performance is dismal
  • In short, I can not seem to find a solution in Ionic 2 with which I can accomplish this at all.

I know via the documentation that VirtualScroll works best with a static list, etc, hence me really asking WHICH Ionic 2 components might work well with my requirement, and not really "what is wrong with VirtualScroll, because I do understand that what I am trying to do with it, it wasn’t really designed for.

Any advice is most welcome, because this type of performance issues makes me think about migrating to a different platform if there are no real solutions to these list performance problems when one wants to implement anything more than just a straight-forward list.

I am also happy to share some code at least, or be a bit more specific from a src point of view if anyone is interested. I would really love to find a fix for my problem because my overall experience with Ionic has been rather well (just these gnarly lists :slight_smile: ).