IDE for Ionic 2 typescript

I tried to create an app using ionic 2 typescript with visual studio tools for apache cordova. I want to know whether the visual studio tools for apache cordova is good to move on or do i want to change to visual studio code.

Issues which I am facing with visual studio tools for apache cordova typescript applications are:

I couldn’t find samples for bower implementation or web pack implementation to know how to use client side libraries.
If any changes in html or ts file again i want to stop and rerun the application. Is there any option to affect the changes with out the stop and re run the application?
Please correct me if anything I did wrong. Appreciate your help…

Forget Visual Studio regular for this.

VSCode and the command line is where it’s at. The templates provided by Visual Studio are always behind and Ionic is like a steaming rollercoaster.

thanks for your reply. I want to know how to use webpack or bower in ionic 2 with vs code.

You build the apps with ionic-app-scripts. This package builds the content with webpack and some custom build steps for you. You don’t have to configure webpack by yourself.

then what about bower. For an example if i want to use any external jquery (for country and country code) how can i initialize in my application and how will i call it in my ts file.

Ionic 2+ has switched over to NPM for package management. I’m not 100% positive that you can’t use Bower, but I don’t know what the reason would be. There’s a NPM package for jQuery.

any helpful links to startup ionic 2 typescript with visual studio code?

I would do pretty much everything possible to avoid using jQuery in an Angular application. You don’t want two frameworks fighting over the DOM.


is this possible to use js files in typescript application using visual code?

Use web storm IDE which is much better. It is simple and user friendly.

^ I use PhpStorm and it’s great for TypeScript and Angular development!

The best ones (according to me):
Free IDE - VS Code
Paid IDE - WebStorm

Web storm is also free if you get a licence server key from google search. Only drawback is you cant access WebStorm without an internet.

I’ve heard good stuff about PHP Storm - but being a Microsoft kinda guy I’ll go with VSCode.

Just pick and one learn it to death - whatever you pick will NOT be the wrong choice and you will learn to love it and its ‘ways’.


I went with VS code… Everything works fine but the thing is i want to deploy the package for android using visual code terminal to test that apk in several android devices. When i worked with visual studio taco it is simple to build the apk package but here i don’t know how to do it… Appreciate your help…

I use Ionic Pro for compiling as I find it annoying having to have all the different SDK’s on my computer breaking every time a new one comes out.

I don’t encourage using pirated/cracked software.

Read this to clear that internet connection is not necessary.

Man I am talking about licence server key. Its not a pirated version.
If you need to use it offline you have to purchase the IDE product.

Alright, then it’s okay.