Ionic Vue project in WebStorm

I recently moved from Cordova/Vue2 to Ionic/Capacitor/Vue3. I use WebStorm 2021.2.3 as my IDE. I’m having trouble with code completion. For example, <ion-card-header> will not show “color” as a property. My node_modules shows as “library root” and the @ionic folder is grey (meaning it’s not excluded). I’ve tried everything I can think of to try and get WebStorm to recognize the Typescript definition. Ideas? I also cannot get auto-import to work. I assumed when I typed <ion-card-header> that is would automatically import IonCardHeader. Instead I have to manual add each one. Kind of a pain. In VSCode at least the “color” property is an option on code completion. The auto-import doesn’t work there either. Any help would be appreciated.

Other threads I’ve looked at and tried:

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Interestingly… if I do “ionic start --type=react” instead of “vue” then code completion and auto import works. So definitely something broken with the Ionic Vue implementation.

Hi, I have the same Problems with Vue and PHP-/Webstorm… how could I fix it? Neither the imports nor any other completion is working!