Ionic 2 form validation css


I am using Ionic 2 forms and everything work fine except validation styling on iOS. By default my input box gets green bottom border if entry is valid and red if entry is invalid which is great from Ionic however it only works on desktop browser and on android devices and not on iOS. Any ideas why?

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I’m also experiencing this. Anyone knows anything?


I usually don’t find answers on ionic forum anyway so my expectation is very low :disappointed:


Maybe you can report this problem in the oficial repository? I don’t know if this problem is with Ionic or Angular.


Why dont you do that if you also have issue


.item-input.input-has-focus .item-inner{
border-bottom:2px solid map-get($colors, secondary) !important;
box-shadow:none !important;
Use this to modify the border and it should work for ios