Ios input valid and invalid color

Our company allowed us to see if we could use ionic styling to build some pages. (not having to add extra style).
Trying to build a login page.

For Android/Material Design the input has a bar underneath that will show green or red with a required field.

I don’t see the same thing for ios. Nothing to show the value is good or bad.

Same thing happens in the demo.

In the docs it says ios has a invalid and valid color.

$text-input-ios-highlight-color-valid $text-input-highlight-color-valid
Color of the input highlight when valid

$text-input-ios-highlight-color-invalid $text-input-highlight-color-invalid
Color of the input highlight when invalid

Do the ios invalid and valid colors work at all?

@helpmelearn Hello, yes normally Ionic has 2 styles, MD for Material Design for Android, and the rest for iOS and apple phones.

they do, you just need to tweak a css file.

What css file?

Why would the css file need to be tweaked, doesn’t it work out of the box?