Forms beta 11 red border-bottom is added when input is valid

Hello , I’ve upgraded my app to beta 11 and I have a problem with the css on my form.

When an input is valid, i have a red border-bottom that is added automatically to my ion-item : .item-inner {
border-bottom-color: #EF6363;
box-shadow: inset 0 -1px 0 0 #EF6363;

Is it a normal behaviour ? in beta 10 it was a green border - bottom

you can try to override default values for style variables in app.variables.scss:

$text-input-ios-highlight-color-valid: transparent !global;
$text-input-wp-highlight-color-valid: transparent !global;
$text-input-md-highlight-color-valid: transparent !global;

Thanks you @zin, it works perfectly !