Ionic 2 filechooser plugin for iOS platform

I know this question has been asked before, about the file chooser plugin for iOS platform. Well for my project the user has to select a file from mobile storage and upload it. I am using the ionic 2 file chooser plugin which works perfectly on android,since this plugin supports only android platform so how to implement file chooser functionality for iOS platform.

Have you found a solution for this issue

Can you be more specific about what your problem is? I believe iOS is fairly restrictive as to which directories it allows file choosing to happen from, so if you are expecting unfettered access to the entire device, I think you might end up disappointed.

I want to be able to upload from the ICloud mainly, but if they have google drive installed for example, then that too use this plugin for uploading from iCloud or any other third party data providers like google drive, one drive etc. This worked for me.

thank you, i’ll give it a try!