File chooser plugin for iOS

I am trying to use this file chooser plugin for iOS, now as per their documentation the iCloud Service needs to enabled, this can be done by enabling the iCloud services from the capabilities. Now when I run the project in xCode 7.3.1, I don’t see the iCloud services option. After some research, I found that new capabilities can be added. Now can anyone enlighten me on this issue, I want to know the steps on how to add new capabilities for your iOS platform in Ionic 2 application.


@abhisheklamrood have you found any solution for that? I also have to upload document from IOS device to server. Please share findings.

I have managed to implement this successfully, although this plugin only lets you select data using third party data providers. As for your issue you can use this plugin , select the files from iCloud storage and upload it to the server. But for selecting files from device’s storage is still pending for me, no solution found so far.

Okay, Thanks! Please share you finding if you found that in future.

Hello. Did you find anything to select files from device’s storage?