Is there any ionic plugin to pick a file from iOS device


I am new to ionic. I have used “cordova-filechooser” to pick a file from device which works well in android but not working on iOS and also I am not able to find any plugin for iOS like filechooser. Please suggest some plugins for iOS.


Hi, @arshad104

As you know ionic is hybrid framework of HTML so you can use each and every element of HTML in ionic, so similarly you can simply use for file upload control of HTML


<input type="file" ng-model="file" ng-change="selectfile()">   

Hope this will solve your issue.

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if (‘ios’)) {
FilePicker.pickFile(uri => {
this.choosenfilepath = uri this.filecontentsize = true; }, function (error) { self1.presentalert(JSON.stringify(error)); }, function (sucess) { }) }