Ionic 2 Example App



i spent the last day creating my first ionic 2 app.
I will use this example to create a german tutorial on in the near future.

If someone is interested --> the app contains:

  • TypeScript :wink: (Interfaces, …)
  • Badge
  • Alert (open empty cart)
  • Modal
  • Http (working with observables)
  • Custom Angular 2 component
  • own Pipe (Pizza search at startpage)
  • Service Events
  • Toasts
  • Ionicons
  • Lists (simple, and with ionItemOptions --> in the cart)
  • Spinner and Refresher (startpage “bestellen”)
  • Cards
  • followed the Angular2 style guide (route-pages prefixed with “+”, barrels (index.ts files), naming conventions for files and app parts) --> introduced with angular RC.0/1



Ionic serve don't launch browser

This is awesome! Great job


There is a showcase with example components done by Ionic. I can’t seem to find it. Can you post the link? I was after the calendar component.