Ionic 2: developing without serve command (ex. using apache)


Hi guys,

first of all thank you very much to all the Ionic team for bringing v2, I’m really impressed.

Since v2 now officially support WP too I decided to take the big challenge of using it as well as Angular 2 for a new app I’m working on.

Everything looks fine and I’m really satisfied with it but my biggest problem is that “serve” command is extremely slow and every time I make any change in my code I literally have to wait from 10 to 15 seconds before app.bundle.js is regenerated and app is refreshed

My machine is not very recent but decent (4Gb Ram with 2.5Ghz dual core CPU) and since I noticed others have the same problem I don’t think that could be the reason.

With Ionic 1.x I used to serve the app through Apache rather than from the Ionic CLI so as to refresh the app only when needed, but as far as I could see v2 takes a different approach by working only with a bundle which needs to be rebuilt every time.

Is there any way to work with the original app’s source files (ie referencing the original source files instead of app.bundle.js in index.html) while developing so as to avoid the need for rebuilding the bundle every time ?

Thank you very much