Can webpack dev server replace ionic serve cmd?

I generally use webpack and webpack dev server for frontend development. Ideally I’d like to use these in the context of an ionic 2 application, but it was unclear what ionic serve was actually doing so I’ve started to dig into the code here: There are functions like injectPlatformScript in there which make me believe it’s not a straight forward to stop using ionic serve. Anyone know if there is a list of things that your build needs to do in order to make a valid app in cases like this? I was able to use the ionic-gulp-webpack but I’m finding issues with live reload. My ionic 1 apps that I was experimenting with typically used the following gulpfile.js and webpack.config.js, however as I never actually published them, I’m unsure if they would have also missed out on critical ionic serve processing.

So I wouldn’t go about trying to replace ionic serve with webpack dev server.
it would require changing how the core of the CLI works

Thank you… This answer has saved me a lot of time. I assume the same is said for swapping out glup for package.json npm scripts?

Same deal. The CLI has special hooks for gulpfiles

Ok thanks for clarifying.