Ionic view changes without "ionic serve"


Hello my friends;
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I want to see my changes in the browser without using “ionic serve” command.
in Ionic 1 you can create your “www” index in everywhere then you can create your Cordova/Ionic package and build your app, but in ionic 2 this is not possible!? is it possible?
How can I have an online demo of my app? and change theme or colors and have a demo without “serve”

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When you run ionic serve (or npm run ionic:build) your app is built from /src to /www. That can then be copied to a webserver.


Thank you
I merged www and src folders but it’s just show compiled codes inside main.js!
I want to change my src/pages/home/home.html file and view this changes in the browser but I don’t want use “ionic serve” for this.
for example, I have a software that users can create own pages (ionic 1) and I merged ionic1 with PHP, so after users make pages I can create an export, but in Ionic2 I can’t do this.
Any solution for this? Ionic2 without “ts” file or compile manually solution or something!?


No, Ionic 2+ has to be compiled from .ts to .js.