Cordova Camera doesn't work in apk debug

I am working on an app that uses access to the camera by ngCordova the problem is, that it works when the test by ionic view but when I install the .apk on the device does not work, I add the permission in the manifest <uses-permission android:name = “android.permission.CAMERA” / >

I hope your prompt reply and I appreciate the help because I need to resolve this!

Best Regards!

Same issue here. Cordova is on last version 5.1.1.


callback will never be executed.
In Ionic View all works fine.

I too have this problem.

Anybody know a solution?

Do you get any output in Android Monitor? That’ll probably give some clues.

Don’t even know what Android monitor is lol.

If you do any development on Android with Ionic, you should use it

I haven’t used Studio at all.
Just downloading it now.