Ionic 2 App is reported as Malware PUA - Virustotal


Every app I create using Ionic 2 for Android is shown as
Antivirus "WhiteArmor"
Android-PUA.SN-Sure.36373246233837576144080650.[PUA] in, 360 Security, etc

Can somebody help me?

Did you upload the APK on and then receive this message?
How did you build the APK?

Ha funny, when I upload an android-debug.apk generated by ionic build android I actually get the same for the Antivirus “WhiteArmor”. Is it the same for you or all of them?

Yes Friend. Exactly I got the same WhiteArmor Android-PUA.SN-Sure.36373246233837576144080650.[PUA]. I don’t know what to do my client started to escalate the issue. What should I do?

Initially I thought plugins and image resources was the problem so I removed all those and scanned but still the same. Then I created a new blank app it was still the same. I was shocked!!

PUA stands for Potentially Unwanted Application and that is true for a debug apk.

Does it also happen for a release build of the app?

Get an .apk of, lets say Whatsapp, and scan this one, too. Maybe this also triggers it - then ti won’t be a problem to show the client that it’s a false alarm.

Oh ok so how do I build the release version?

Try this tutorial:

We use that to build or store release apk.

I try our store version app apk(release with this tutorial) and its OK.

May debug apk is the problem

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