Android-debug.apk is recognized as a zip file

I used to upload my android-debug.apk (ionic 1) to my server and send the URL to my clients so they could download it, manually install it and review the app. Now, after upgrading to ionic 2, I uploaded the android-debug.apk to my server as i used to, but when me or my client try to download it, it appears as a zip file on the device. It just don’t pop the installation window anymore. Probably I’m missing an important step or something…

I already searched the issue on the internet but I’m not able to find anything regarding this,
I really appreciate the help,

.apk IS a zip file internally. Sounds more like a problem on your client’s device. Can you reproduce?

Thats the weird think , it is happening in my device also. Im supposed to see the app icon at my downloads directory like this:


But now i see the icon as follows:


As you can see the recent icons are the same as any other zip file. For instance those are not being opened as an app and installation is not possible :confused:

Can you download them and compare? Maybe a file inside is missing or something…