Ionic 2.0.0 ionSlideDidChange only take effect when effect input equals to 'slide’


if effect is equal to ‘coverflow’ etc and I slide smoothly then event doesn’t fire.
but, if I slide fastly then event it’s fired

//it always work
<ion-slides (ionSlideDidChange)="slideChanged()">

//it doesn’t always work
<ion-slides (ionSlideDidChange)="slideChanged()" effect="coverflow">


Hmm it appears you are correct. I’m seeing this in a plunkr all the way back to rc5 when the new slides refactor went it.
Can you open an issue on github with this information and post the plunkr as well?


Hi @mhartington, thx for your answer, do you have a template plunkr for ionic 2.0.0 final? :slight_smile:

anyway, I think this issue is an issue from Swiper.js.
Ionic 2 RC-4 and RC-5 have this issue too.

When I previously accessed to raw Swiper.js in ionic 2 had this issue too.

Therefore, I used ‘onTransitionEnd’ from Swiper.js that worked for me.

mySlideOptions = {
    loop: false,
    onInit: s => {
        this.swiper = s;
    onSlideChangeEnd: s => {
    onTransitionEnd: s => {
        this.onTransitionEnd(); <-- I used this
    effect: 'coverflow',
    centeredSlides: true,
    slidesPerView: 1,
    coverflow: {
        rotate: 50,
        stretch: 0,
        depth: 100,
        modifier: 4,
        slideShadows: false