Develop on v1 as well as latest Ionic on same machine? Macos

does anyone have experience simultaneously developing ionic v1 apps together current ionic framework (angular) apps on the same mac?

Wondering if I can do both together (exploring migrating my v1 app) without messing up my dev environment irreparably….

It sounds like you are confusing the framework and the CLI all together…

If you have the latest ionic cli

npm uninstall -g ionic
npm install -g @ionic/cli@latest

You should be able to work with both V1 (AngularJS&Ionic) projects as well as Newer projects.

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yes, that was my question, if I have the latest CLI, can I work on both old style v1 projects as well as new style Framework projects on the same machine. Phrased poorly, sorry. Sounds like the answer is yes, Thanks!!!