Ionic 1 iOS 10 support

Hi everyone,

I am going to start a new hybrid application with iOS 10 support and I need to know does ionic 1 is going to support iOS 10 platform or not?
Currently I have created several simple project and tested on iOS 10. Seems for the some cases it get errors. I use Xcode 8 Beta and assume that they might be fixed in the release version of the Xcode


I’ve just updated to iOS 10 and my Ionic 1 app runs perfectly on it, so far anyway.

I recently updated to iOS 10. The only things I had to change were to describe how I was using the location and camera services.

What did you have to change in location services? I updated to iOS 10 and the location service is not working anymore.

Thank you for your help.


I had a horizontally scrolling list in my tablet app that doesn’t want to scroll anymore in iOS 10

in my app there is a list of elements, when I click on an item on the list nothing happens, so if I come out from the application and then return has uploaded the item that I had clicked. Basically performs the function for each click but does not update the view.
Any idea?

iOS 10.0.1 with Ionic 1.3.1 was perfect without changes for me.

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I have created several test projects for iOS 10 and found the followings:

  • the keyboard on ionic 2 is not working smooth for iOS
  • animations sometimes with breaks during rotation

I made several examples with list / list item clicked and navigations and they worked fine.

-thank you mane, but for csp content security policy you put something in the index or somewhere else?

the solution is to update ios 10 to ios 10.0.2