Ionic - tap issues with ios10


I am writing this here as I’ve being searching for a solution for almost a month now with no luck.

I am developing an app using ionic and angular.

the versions I am using are:

ionic: ^1.3.1
angular: 1.5.3
lodash: 4.0.1
jquery: ^2.2.3
angular-animate: 1.4.3
angular-sanitize: 1.4.3
angular-ui-route: ^0.3.1
ngCordova: ^0.1.26-alpha

I’ve noticed that tap events are not working properly on iOS 10 (they work fine everywhere else - including iOS 9.3)

Now, after a bit of research and some StackOverflow questions, I noticed a couple of things:

1- When using iOS10 and tapping on something, the active class is added, but no event is fired
2- I have to double click on everything (quite fast) to trigger any type of events (i mean ng-click, ui-sref, href …)
3- Elements like slider or toggle are working fine on the first tap
4- Adding data-tap-disabled="true" on the HTML tag of my app fixes this issue but breaks all the scrolling feature and everything that requires tap to be enabled

I am a bit stuck and I don’t know what to do…do you have any suggestion or anything I can try to solve this issue?


Wonder it is related to this:

in case of “href=” remove target="_blank" it should fix the issue under iOS 10