So when to use Native Scrolling and when collection-repeat?

I have an App made for iOS and Android. Currently it has a quite long list of 200 items and it uses collection-repeat.
So what is now the best chose for me if I want to have the same code for iOS and Android:
Should I keep using collection-repeat or use Native Scrolling (which is currently not supported by iOS as far as I know) for the best performance result?

For performance is native scrolling the best… but keep in mind that you need js-scrolling for ionic keyboard…
So if you have some views with forms -> you will need it, because in any other case your UX will be crappy as hell.

And i am a fan of being consistent… so you want to have the same scroll-behavior on every view… so you will keep up using js-scrolling^^.

But in the end it depends on you.
If you have lists with 200 entries but there are no images… instead this are simple lists you can use ng-repeat
But if you do not know how many entries the list will have… or you have a nested and complex dom-structure for each item you will need collection-repeat

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@bengtler why is the UX crappy without js-scrolling when using the ionic keyboard?

I have images in my list on iOS