Ionic 1,2,3 confusion?

On homepage i see v3.1.1 / 2017-04-28 ! i see Creator is only for Ionic 1 !
on docs: i see only ionic 1 & 2 choose !

Someone can explain me this big confusion ? :slight_smile:

This is the current, newest version.

Ionic Creator only supports Ionic 1.

This is outdated and should say “1 & 2+” (2+ also includes 3 and the current version).

Thanks for help :grin:

I will fix the Ionic Cloud docs. Looks like we’ve forgotten to remove the 2 from Ionic.

Since release 3.0 Ionic is just called Ionic without a number like Angular since Angular release 2.0. And Ionic 1.0 is now called Ionic V1.

I know it is a bit confusing.