Ionic 1.0 e Cordova 5.0 ( Android level 22 ): input fields don't work anymore

After upgrade to Ionic 1.0 and Cordova 5.0, the input fields and some http$ calls don’t work anymore. Why? What happened. Are there some break rules?

I do not recognized something that inputs does not work.
But for $http-calls you need to configure and use the cordova-whitelist plugin.
The reintroduced this plugin with cordova 5.0

Check your plugins folder if whitelist is installed and then check the plugin repository and your index.html if it is correctly used.

They have complicated a bit the things…but the $http are made by AngularJS code. Uhm…
The strange thing is that text input field don’t works. Other fields like drill-down, gestures, works.