Ionic view with cordova whitelist plugin

My app was working fine on ionic view & deployed on android 4.4 until I upgraded to the latest version of cordova/ionic. At that point in time all http requests were returning 404s and I figured out that I needed the whitelist plugin for Cordova 5.0.

Now my app works fine when deployed on android 4.4 but fails on the ionic view app. I suspect I am getting 404s again, but I can’t debug the view app. Is there a better way to use the view app with cordova 5.0 & http requests? What should I do?

OS: Windows 8.1
Node Version: v0.12.2
Cordova CLI: 5.0.0
Ionic Version: 1.0.0-rc.2
Ionic CLI Version: 1.3.22


Turns out this issue was related to the ionic view app persisting data after clearing app data / downloading latest.