Ion-tab UI issue with angular upgrade to 1.4.x

I am trying to upgrade angular to latest version 1.4.x in my app with Ionic 1.0.0 and I am facing issue with ion-tabs. I have attached screenshot of same issue happening with fresh ionic app starter.


Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Setup fresh ionic tabs starter app via
  2. Upgrade angular to 1.4.x via bower
  3. Either run grunt serve or deploy app to device
  • Before upgrading to angular 1.4.x, ion-tab worked fine as expected with badge. But when I upgraded angular via bower, badge css class ‘has-badge’ was missing.
  • When I clicked on any other tab, tab titles of visited tabs were missing too.

I tried to upgrade ionic to version 1.0.0. Same issue occurred again. Is there anyone else facing same issue? Am I missing something here or Ionic is still not ready to use with angular 1.4.x?

Thanks in advance

This seems like sort of a big deal? Does ionic 1.0.0 officially work with angular 1.4.x?

Support for AngularJS 1.4 is planned for Ionic 1.1 (no ETA yet).
See this post.

It seems to be fixed already with v1.0.1

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