Ion-select with long list of item

Hi,I use ion-select with a long list of options,it works fine, but every time I select an Item it shows the pop up with the first options, is it possible showing in the popup the options next to the selected one?so If I select the hundreth option , when I change it again the popup should show the option close to the hundreth option.
thanks in advance

Thank you for this suggestion, @arpho. We currently do have an open feature request for this, which can be found here : feat: Auto scroll to selected item in ion-select · Issue #19296 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub

Feel free to add a +1 to the request if you want to see this prioritized!

If you’re using Angular (which it appears you are) then you may want to check out this work around, which may work for you: Angular directive to force selected item in Ionic 5 ionSelect component to be scrolled into view · GitHub