Ion-select in web browser

In the web browser version of ion-select, I can’t get the option list to scroll without first selecting one item and using arrow keys. There is no scrollbar on the right side and I can’t scroll using the mouse. Is this normal? Or do those behaviors need to be added with more code or markup? Here’s the code:

<ion-select formControlName="language" 
            placeholder="Pick a language" (ionChange)="selectLang($event)"
  <ion-select-option *ngFor="let lang of langs" value="{{lang.languageCode}}">{{lang.displayName}}</ion-select-option>

The rendered select list looks like this:


It’s also odd that the selection pops up in a separate box entirely as opposed to dropping down in-place.
Is there any way to make ion-select in the web look and behave more, well, like a normal dropdown select? Or is everything pretty much geared to an app-like view, even if viewed on the web?

change the code of language all thing will be alright.

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Hi, OK I should have read the docs more closely. I added interface="popover" and that looks better although it still has the radio buttons. Hopefully I can get rid of those. Thanks!