Ion-select UX issue

Hi guys!

I develop a product where i use ion-select (for filtering a list).

I’ve used the interface=‘action-sheet’ property, but today i realized that i have too many options to use it (~19 options), so i have to use the alert interface.

The looking is really cool, but i think there is a UX issue with it:
In my case, the user can only select 1 item (so it’s NOT a multiple list), and if the user selected the item, the popup should disappear, and the selection should be considered (because the user reach his goal, he wanted to check the items, and pick one). In my opinion in a non-multiple-list is totally useless, to force the user to click the OK button after the selection (one more click with no meaning).

Is it possible, that i will have an option to disable the OK button for ion-select (and it automatically OK the selection)?
What is your opinion about the problem, i described?

How can i develop this function?
I tried to make a directive for the ion-select, but it can’t reach the ion-alert :(.
I know there is the ionChange event on ion-select, but it fires only after the OK was clicked.