Ion-select alert interface not displaying "OK" buttons or closing upon selection


So, my issue is that in simulator mode on iOS, any options in a select list with more than 5 options uses the alert interface.
However, I am unsure how to close the alert dialog that pops up because 1: No “Cancel” or “OK” button is drawn. 2. When I select an item, my (ionChange) event doesn’t fire off.

Again, this is only happening in the iPhone simulator (haven’t tried Android).

  <ion-select (ionChange)="changeGame($event)" interface="alert">
    <ion-option value="nes">NES</ion-option>
    <ion-option value="n64">Nintendo64</ion-option>
    <ion-option value="ps">PlayStation</ion-option>
    <ion-option value="genesis">Sega Genesis</ion-option>
    <ion-option value="saturn">Sega Saturn</ion-option>
    <ion-option value="snes">SNES</ion-option>

Of course, the only way to make the alert go away is to click outside of its area, but the selection does’t persist.

I am desperate for ideas!