Ion select hide (ionic4)

Is it possible to hide or dismiss the ion-select component onchange of ion-select-options

Yes, But share sample code to understand your issue.

I did not try anything. I just wanted to know if that’s possible. Like when you click on ion-select. You see ion-select-options. when we select one option we have to click on OK to confirm the selected option. The thing i want to do is when you click the option. It should get confirmed without clicking on OK and the select option box must disappear.
I hope you understood.

Yes, it is possible, there is 3 types of Interfaces property.

  1. one is default coming with OK button
  2. action-sheet
  3. popover


    <ion-select placeholder="Select One" interface="popover">
      <ion-select-option value="dota2">Dota 2</ion-select-option>
      <ion-select-option value="pubg">Pubg</ion-select-option>
      <ion-select-option value="pubg">Call of duty</ion-select-option>
      <ion-select-option value="pubg">Age of empire</ion-select-option>


ohh…yea i had seen that one…it just did not came in my mind…Thank you…:slight_smile: