Ionic 2 > ion-select is not working on Internet Explorer 11 Browser

Hello guys ! im new to ionic 2 and creating a desktop application in Ionic 2. I want it to support IE11.

Issue is :
When i click on ion-select , instead of opening the dropdown to select country , it makes a call to some other function and opens up its respective modal which is not even associated with this ion-select component.

This issue is with IE11. Do we have any hack or any workaround to make it work in IE ?

Code -

<ion-select placeholder=“Select Country” disabled={{disableCountry}} (ionChange)=‘disableVisaTypeFlag(country)’ interface=“popover” [(ngModel)]=“country” formControlName=“gender” name=“country”>
<ion-option value={{countryD.Country_ID}} checked=“true” *ngFor=“let countryD of countries”>{{countryD.Country_Name}}

Please help.