Ion-segment auto slide to focus selected segment button

Hi, I have a horizontal slide ion-segment, and now my faced problem is that when I select a segment button at the last or the position that i can see it due to the phone width is limit. Can I auto slide to the segment button that I selected then I can see in the phone width range. Thanks.

You could use this if possible for the ion-segment buttons

<ion-scroll  scrollX="true"  >

Thank you for your reply. Sorry my english is poor, I mean how can slide to the selected segment button programmatically? Thanks again.

I am also getting this issue. Did you solve this ??

Please add your code snippet, then it would be easy for members to analyse the code and answer your question.

Patient Details Personal Details
                          <ion-segment-button (click)="selectTab(2)"
                          Employment Details
                          <ion-segment-button (click)="selectTab(3)"
                          Contact Address
                          <ion-segment-button  (click)="selectTab(4)"
                          <ion-segment-button (click)="selectTab(5)"
                          Disease Details
                          <ion-segment-button (click)="selectTab(6)"
                          Admision Details
                          <!-- <div id='indicator' class="SwipedTabs-indicatorSegment" [ngStyle]="{'width.px': (this.tabElementWidth_px)}"></div> -->

ContentTab 1

ContentTab 2

ContentTab 3

ContentTab 4

ContentTab 5

ContentTab 6

ContentTab 7

if i am sliding the tab the segment button will indicate. but i am sliding fourth tab segemnt button indicate but not scrolling the segment .