Ion-scroll don't scrolls up (y-direction) when using scrollIntoView()

I’m with an app which has a side menu where I’ve put some buttons in as an index for a large html content. When I click on sided menu button i element.scrollIntoView(false) that scrolls an ion-scroll container to the element.

The problem I’ve found is that I can scroll down and continue reading the html but I can’t scroll up.

The ion-scroll definition:

 <ion-scroll delegate-handle="contentScroll" zooming="true" min-zoom="1.0" height="100%" style="height:100%" direction="['x','y']">
    <div id="page-container" style="padding: 45px 5px 5px 5px;text-align: justify;">                                            

A button definition:

<ion-content ng-controller="ScrollCtrl as scroll"> 
       <button class="button" ng-click="'markElementN')" menu-close style="width:100%">ElementN</button>
</ion-content> function is:

function(mark) {
  if (mark == undefined || typeof mark != 'string' || mark.length < 1) {
  var ob = document.getElementById(mark);
  if (ob) {

¿anyone with the same issue?

I should add that I can scroll down and up again but not upper than scrolled element

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