Ionic doesn't scroll content

I’m very new at developing mobile apps, I encounter some problem with the scroll of ionic, when I change page with side-menu, some times I can’t scroll vertically.

I prepare a example, this is not my real-code, but it have some similar problem.

When I debug with a browser, it works just fine, but when I build to android and put on my nexus 5, I have the problem, but I can replicate with google chrome with Nexus 5 emulate(F12 and change agent to nexus 5).

He need to go to slide-menu and click em Browser

See the Pen Side Menu and Navigation: Nightly by Carlos Rodrigues (@pikax) on CodePen.

any help?

Have you tried to add scroll="true" to ion-content in ion-side-menu ?

this works for me on my app side, both on browsers and devices.

I have tried, but still not working. It seems a bug because it work fine on desktop browser, without mobile resolution.

not sure its a bug, since it working with me like a charm on both real devices and emulator.

which emulator you use android one or genymotion ?