Ion-scroll direction="x" slide

i got this collection-repeat working fine

<ion-scroll direction="x" delegate-handle="isde" zooming="true" has-bouncing="true" paging="true"  class="item wide-item wide-as-needed" ng-style="{'height':  '1024px'}">
    <div class="item" collection-repeat="producto in productos" collection-item-width="'100% '" collection-item-height="'100%'"> 
         <img ng-src="{{producto['image_url']}}"/>

in web its works fine, in android the only problem its that its doesnt let me slide to the next if i dont use two fingers like pinch and get rid of zoom. I need the zoom and the pinch, so anybody has this problem, any workaround? thanks

Can you put this into a codepen?